Yesterday the financial market had an unusual move after the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate 0.25 to 2.25% as expectations and 4 other gains were made in December and another 3 in 2019 as well as another increase in 2020 to keep the Federal Reserve in line with market expectations. Traders will be focusing on the USD today as the annual GDP reading is released As well as the Fed’s Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

Crude oil futures fell 0.95% to 71.48 hours after the news of the US crude oil inventory was negative, but recovered its strength and then rose to close at 72.02 which makes us believe in a clear positive price for the barrel During trading on the level of the coming days

As for the currencies, the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar increased with the news of the interest to 1.1797 and then fell to 1.1731 and ended at 1.1746 and continued to decline this morning to reach 1.1685 levels at the time of writing this article to break the point of support for the first day At 1.1712 towards 1.1680 and 1.1640


As for the British pound, which fell with the morning trading to 1.3110 until the moment after the moment of news of interest to 1.3217 and then ended at 1.3166 at the end of trading yesterday Points for this day support 1.3130 / 1.3090 / 1.3050


As for the Australian dollar, the movement was somewhat violent compared to the rest of the currencies where it rose to levels not seen since August to 0.7314 and ended at 0.7258, as well as the basket of currencies affected by the dollar fell with the trading this morning to the first support level at 0.7221 so far If this level is broken we will see 0.7190 as a second support and 0.7160 as a third support point


The Japanese Yen has seen little change since it did not break out of the trading range since the beginning of the week but recorded yesterday at 113.13 as the highest point at the moment of the news, but the US Dollar returned to recoup its losses and ended the whisper at 112.73 and can say that the US Dollar will harvest more Of the day’s gains versus the Japanese Yen as well as the rest of the currencies and the support points and resistance to the US dollar against the Japanese Yen will be as follows Support: 112.50 / 112.30 / 112.00. Resistance: 113.00 / 113.30 / 113.50

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